Copyright infringement is the use or production of copyrighted material without the authorization of the copyright owner.

Request deletion

It would be difficult to keep track of all the content that members generate on our forum.

As necessary, we will exercise restraint. Please contact us if you believe that content we host violates your copyright. We will investigate and remove the offending material immediately.

Before sending:

- The statement must be clear, friendly and written in English.

- We need proof that you are the rightful owner of the copy of the content you wish to remove. If you are acting on behalf of someone, for example if you are their manager, you must send proof that you have permission to act on their behalf.

- You must include the thread / URL of the post in the message.

- If the files are hosted on a third-party hosting provider, such as, Dropbox, Drive, Linkvertise, etc... We cannot delete content that is not hosted by us.

- Complaints from free email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, etc. are ignored... The complaint must be sent from a business email address.

- All requests are processed within 1-4 business days (unless we need additional information). Submitting multiple applications will not speed up the process as there is a waiting list.

Use the contact form