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Confucius said: Forty is


21 Ene 2019
Confucius said: Forty is not confused, fifty knows the destiny. When I stood at the intersection of forty life, I still lost my pain, smog and entanglement, and I was so depressed. Chasing the cause is due to the obsession of solid twist. Obsessed with imposing, obsessed with missing, obsessed with the Yaoqin of Tianfu. The forest that I longed for in my heart made me look up too long and too long, lost for too long, but in reality I could not arrive. Long time lingering on the bottleneck of closed blockage, there is a poem in Su Shi: Self-satisfaction is a busy life. Zhuge Liang said: "All life, do not ask for news." Suddenly open, transparent insights are in the forty and five o'clock. The epiphany that rushed out of the bottleneck at this moment is the maturity and outbreak of cognitive structure, the accumulation of experience in the past years Parliament Cigarettes, and the steadfast obstinacy Carton Of Cigarettes. Not in the heart, not in love, and live in the world. The mountain does not go to me, I will go to the mountains. Free and easy. Life must be happy in the world. Yuema Heng Ge always white head. Resting in the world of fireworks is becoming more and more unintentional Marlboro Red, and it is increasingly understood that the spirit of human beings is equal. The place where a person lives, the location where he is, and the occupation he is in are not important. What matters is the stretching and smoothness of the soul. It is psychology: the existence of an external entity does not exist, it is determined by the heart. The heart is happy, the outside world is happy; the heart is bitter, and the outside world suffers. Do not fear the future, do not read the past. I can't forget the environment in which my heart is realistic Online Cigarettes. I can't force myself. The nature of my work can't be forced. I can't force my own money. My spouse can't force it. In the long run of life, I can't force anything. It is the paramecium that has not evolved into a jellyfish anyway. This truth, I realized that everything was dying in the past half a hundred years. In the end, it was nothing. Every step that I have gone through in the past is to go to today, detours, straight roads, no matter what step, can��t get it. destination. The once torrential tsunami, the raging waves, the thunder and the lightning layer have faded away, and the heart of the lake has no waves. I only want to be safe, and only seek one purpose - to live. Time has stolen the original intention, leaving only the hardships. In the old age of the years, I made a bit of pain into a sake, and I was so squandered by the public that the smoke was so vast that my heart was bright blue. It turns out that the clouds are still in the bottle, and the spring water flows eastward. Everything has its own sky, so the blue sky is so blue, the white clouds are so long, the flowers are so green, the green grass is so beautiful, the nature is so beautiful, the breath is fresh, I want Try to accept it. Under the blue sky, build a white, elegant lodge, then face the sea and wait for the spring blossoms. The ruler wall is yin, one inch and one gold. Even if the morning light passes through the sea, even if life is gone, not all love has the feeling, but you have loved it. Not all things will work hard, but you have tried hard, not all. There is feedback on the application, and if you have ever applied it, you will not regret it. If the icy world we live in is still difficult to change, at least I still have you to resolve the ice. Remember you, remember the years, remember the good! The time was stained with dust, my thoughts were lazy, my mind was on the road, and I was holding a weather-beaten heart. Fair love and gratitude I couldn��t help but scream: I hope that people will live forever.
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