Download Master RePack (&Portable) by KpoJIuK


Download Master RePack (&Portable) by KpoJIuK


Interface language: Russian, English and others

Treatment: not required

System requirements:
Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8.1 / 10

Description: Download Master effectively solves 3 main problems that arise when downloading files from the Internet: download speed, continuation of interrupted downloads and management of downloaded files. The main features that distinguish Download Master from other programs are the highest performance and user-friendly interface. Download Master allows you to significantly increase the speed of downloading files over the Internet using HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols. This is done by splitting the file into streams that are downloaded simultaneously. The program also supports resuming the file from the current position after the connection is broken.
Additional Information:
Simple and convenient to use
Intuitive user interface with customization options;
Support for download lists with extensive sorting options;
Original technology: floating download speed indicator, active download indicators, active download management;
Skin support;
Support for plug-ins (plugins);
Fast Update - checking the availability of new versions of the program;

Full set of necessary functions
Dynamic multithreaded download;
Resume after disconnection from HTTP, HTTPS and FTP servers;
Work according to the schedule, turning off the PC after the download is completed;
Optimal settings for working with different types of connections (dial-up, ISDN, ADSL, LAN) and at different speeds;
FTP Explorer;
Powerful and convenient tool for managing download categories;
Search and adding mirrors for downloading;
Ability to download videos from YouTube, Vkontakte and other popular video services;
Detailed log file for each download;
Site manager to manage passwords and save folders;
Download speed control, automatic mode for comfortable work with browsers and other programs.
Adjustable mode for dynamic control of download speed;
Ability to set priorities for downloads;
Ability to synchronize (auto-update) files on the server and local PC;
Working with ZIP archives: the ability to view the contents of ZIP archives before downloading, the ability to download only selected files from the archive, the ability to check ZIP archives and restore damaged files, as well as
the ability to unpack archives;
Working with RAR archives: the ability to check RAR archives, the ability to unpack archives;
Content recognition when working via HTTP;
Work through HTTP and FTP proxy servers, support for NTLM and NTLM proxy authentication. Automatic detection and installation of your browser's proxy settings in the program.

Additional features
Adding a URL group by mask;
Ability to listen/watch music and video files while downloading. Automatic receipt of information about MP3 files at the start of the download;
smart pause. Ability to temporarily stop downloaded files and then start them in the same state;
Working with the command line;
Dialer for dial-up connections;
Search in the list of downloads;
Search for files, programs, games and music in the TopDownloads file directory;
download history;
Extensive options for configuring the connection parameters of HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols;
Checking downloaded files for updates (manually or automatically);
Marking downloaded files as unread;
The widest possibilities of export/import of download lists. Supported formats: *.txt, *.txtd, *.lst, *.urls, *.ion;
The ability to drag and drop selected text from a browser or program into a floating window. Download Master will find links in the text and offer them for download;
Ability to drag and drop download description text from other programs. Automatic addition of text selected in the browser to the description of the download;
Ability to verify the MD5 amount of the uploaded file.

The highest download speed
Intelligent multisection. Download Master dynamically splits the file into sections and downloads them simultaneously. This increases the download speed by 3-10 times;
When the speed decreases, it automatically restarts the download, which allows you to avoid downtime;
Download speed control, automatic mode for comfortable browsing of web pages during download.
Extensive integration options
Clipboard monitoring;
Integration into browsers Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and higher, Opera 4.0 and higher, Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari,
Netscape Communicator 6.0 and above, Mozilla and others;
Integration with anti-virus programs;
Toolbar for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

New in version:
New in version (05/10/2021):
Added the ability to set the default video codec;
Improved video download from video services;
Improved loading of panoramic videos (180° and 360°);
Improved automatic video selection in the absence of a specified format;
Fixed bug when changing video quality;
Bugs fixed.

RePack features:
General information:
Type: installation, unpacking portable
Languages: Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, transliteration
Cut: Top Downloads, Yandex Bar, Remote Download plugin, advertising [PCL]
Added: UnRAR.dll v6.11 module
Additional: Settings.reg import, skins from the Skins folder; prohibition of sending usage statistics; disabled automatic integration into browsers;

Command line options:
Silent install: /S /I
Portable unpacking: /S /P
Do not create shortcuts on the desktop: /ND
Do not create shortcuts on the Start menu: /NS
Select installation location: /D=PATH

The parameter /D=PATH should be specify the latest
For example: Download.Master.v6.12.4.1555.exe /S /I /D=C:\MyProgram

Download Details:
Ext: exe, cmd
Parts: 1
Size: 6.88 MB