Various Artists - Léve Léve: Sao Tomé & Principe Sounds (70s - 80s) (2020) [FLAC][Mp3][VariousHost] | ForoTrolls

Various Artists - Léve Léve: Sao Tomé & Principe Sounds (70s - 80s) (2020) [FLAC][Mp3][VariousHost]


31 Dic 2018

FLAC (tracks), Lossless | World, africa | 1:24:10 | 559 Mb

The two Portuguese-speaking African islands of Sao Tomé & Principe, located in the Gulf of Guinea, created an unique music called Puxa : a refined mixture of various musical components from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. A blend of Semba, Merengue, Kompas, Soukouss, Coladeira patterns, often pushing forward with a voodoo-like energy, solid bass lines, delicate melodies and backing harmonies of the rich Sao Tomean melodic traditions. Very first compilation focusing on the golden age of these island's sounds, the 16 tracks selected will surely set fire on all dance floors !

Léve-Léve is the first ever compilation devoted to music from São Tome and Principe, two small islands situated off the coast of Gabon in central Africa. The album unravels a story of liberation where the music of Africa, Europe and the Americas unify with a carefree spirit personified by a phrase the islanders use all the : "léve, léve" ("take it easy"). With echoes of Angolan semba and merengue, of Brazilian afoxê, of coladeira from Cape Verde and dance music from the Caribbean, it is a sound fiercely proud of its island heritage, sung in local dialects and using distinctive local rhythms.

01. Africa Negra - Mino bô bé quacueda (7:32)

02. Africa Negra - Zimbabwe (9:37)

03. Sangazuza - Sun Malé (5:28)

04. Os Úntués - Chi bo sa migu di vede (2:23)

05. Sum Alvarinho - M'konveta dedo (4:20)

06. Conjunto Equador - Madô (5:30)

07. Tiny Das Neves; Conjunto Sol d'Africa - Cladênço padê cluço (6:53)

08. Conjunto Mindelo - Taji ocedo (3:02)

09. Africa Negra - Aninha (5:42)

10. Pedro Lima - Nga ba compensadora (8:04)

11. Sangazuza - Cortiçao (4:03)

12. Os Úntués - Piquina piquina (1:50)

13. Conjunto Equador - Meu dy plôcô (4:28)

14. Sum Alvarinho - Tola muandgi (5:21)

15. Pedro Lima; Conjunto Os Leonenses - Esatela licu (5:18)

16. Agrupamento da Ilha - Bo gosa di so txi (4:39)

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