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VA - The Many Faces Of The Who: A Journey Through The Inner World Of The Who (2016) FLAC/MP3 [FLAC][Mp3][VariousHost]

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31 Dic 2018
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FLAC (image,cue,log,scans) MP3 320 | Genre: Classic Rock, Hard Rock | 2h 20 min | 960 / 322 MB

For many The Who is the best British rock band that emerge in the 60s. In its original formation (Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, Keith Moon and John Entwistle) the group had four unique and charismatic personalities. Townshend was always the ideologue and visionary of the band, someone that from a cultural point of view, always rose above the average rock musician. Also, although being a limited -technically speaking- musician, he was highly original, both for the sophisticated chords he played and for his particular ideas when he was approaching his guitar solos, not to mention his devastating stage presence that made him one of the rock's biggest guitar icons. Bassist John Entwistle and drummer Keith Moon teamed up for one of the most original and unique rhythm sections ever, complementing each other in a unprecedented way for a rock band. Their particular styles made them reach creative peaks that couldn't been possible without each other, and together they achieved a sound, a constant controlled chaos that no one has been able to recreate again (not even the band itself, since their tragically deaths). And finally, vocalist Roger Daltrey, who had a shy presence during the early part of the decade, but that exploded like a true rock god towards the end of the 60s, when he finally found his voice and stage presence. All this, combined with a repertoire that is among the most exquisite rock has ever had, place The Who alongside the greatest: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. In The Many Faces Of The Who, we are going to explore the fascinating world of the band, their influences, side projects and, most of all, their songs, that wonderful treasure.
CD1 - The Many Faces Of The Who And The Originals
01. John Entwistle - Heaven And Hell (4:26)
02. The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown prod by Pete Townshend - Come And Buy (5:42)
03. Johnny Kidd & The Pirates - Shakin´All Over (2:19)
04. Mose Allison - Young Man´s Blues (1:26)
05. Eddie Cochran - Summertime Blues (1:57)
06. Benny Spellman - Fortune Teller (2:15)
07. James Brown - I Don´t Mind (3:16)
08. John Entwistle - Whiskey Man (3:59)
09. Sonny Boy Williamson - Eyesight To The Blind (The Hawker) (3:00)
10. Bo Diddley - I´m A Man (3:00)
11. James Brown - Please, Please, Please (2:46)
12. John Entwistle - My Wife (4:41)
13. Toyah feat Simon Townshend - Another Way (4:39)
14. Mike Batt feat Roger Daltrey - Children Of The Sky (5:18)
CD2 - Petra Haden Sings The Who Sell Out
01. Armenia City in the Sky (3:41)
02. Heinz Baked Beans (1:09)
03. Mary Anne with the Shaky Hands (2:30)
04. Odorono (2:18 )
05. Tattoo (3:09)
06. Our Love Was (3:25)
07. I Can See for Miles (4:14)
08. I Can't Reach You (3:30)
09. Medac (0:57)
10. Relax (2:42)
11. Silas Stingy (3:05)
12. Sunrise (3:03)
13. Rael (5:39)
14. [Untitled] (0:23)
CD3 - The Songs
01. Yvonne Elliman - I can't Explain (3:10)
02. Ocean Color Scene - Anyway Anyhow Anywhere (2:11)
03. The Young Mods - My Generation (3:14)
04. The Brilliant Corners - The Good's gone (3:44)
05. The Glitter Band - The Kids are Alright (3:30)
06. Hyperhead - I can see for Miles (4:47)
07. Poison Idea - Doctor, Doctor (2:46)
08. The Glitter Band - Substitute (3:36)
09. The Scooters - Magic Bus (3:30)
10. Brighton Cats - Pinball Wizard (2:59)
11. The Quick Ones - I'm Free (2:41)
12. The Dirty Jobs - We're not gonna take it (7:27)
13. Cast - The Seeker (3:27)
14. Buck Pets - Bargain (4:58)

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