VA - The Complete Meteor Blues, R&B And Gospel Recordings (2013) FLAC [FLAC][Mp3][VariousHost]

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31 Dic 2018

FLAC(tracks) | Genre: Soul, R&B, Blues | 2h 28 min | 448 MB​

01. I Believe
02. I Held My Baby Last Night
03. Round House Boogie aka Sax Symphonic Boogie
04. Kickin' The Blues Around aka Flaming Blues
05. My Best Friend
06. Four Years Seven Days
07. Baby, What's Wrong
08. Sinful Women
09. Western Union Man
10. Jack Pot aka At The Woodchopper's Ball
11. I Wronged A Woman
12. I Can't Forgive You
13. Gonna Let You Go
14. Please Send My Baby Back aka Step Back Baby
15. Love You Baby
16. On The Floor
17. Porkey Pine
18. Scotch Mist
19. Horizon
20. Boogie Freight
21. Crying In The Chapel
22. Leapin' In Chicago
23. I'm In the Mood To Be Loved
24. Slow Down Daddy
25. Heartaches
26. Can I Depend On You?
27. Beale Street Stomp aka Chop Chop Boogie
28. Slidin' Home aka Hot Rod Special
01. Hawaiian Boogie
02. Lost Woman Blues aka Please Find My Baby
03. Sax-Ony Boogie
04. Dumb Woman Blues
05. Baby You Just Don't Know
06. Wine Head Woman
07. Tell The Angels
08. Walkin' & Talkin' With Jesus
09. Let My Last Days Be My Best
10. Something Within Me
11. I Declare
12. Dark Clouds
13. What Can The Matter Be?
14. I Know What You Need
15. My Last Mile
16. Standing On The Highway
17. Alone On A Rainy Nite
18. Lizzie
19. The Easy Livin' Plan
20. I'm Steady Holdin' On
21. Love At First Sight
22. Let's Boogie Baby
23. Tennessee Woman
24. Crying Out Loud
25. Let My Baby Be
26. Ooh! My Little Baby


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