VA - The 100 Greatest Recordings Of All Time (Franklin Mint: Record 001-Record 100) [LP01-LP20] (1978) FLAC (Part 1) [FLAC][Mp3][VariousHost]

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31 Dic 2018

FLAC, Lossless | Classical | 4.44 Gb

Franklin Mint's "100 Greatest Recordings Of All " is a unique collection of the greatest performances ever recorded and has been awarded by respected members of an international music jury. The collection contains 100 records of excellent quality.

Franklin Mint's "100 Greatest Recordings Of All " was named Best Personal Library of Recorded Music. Each recording has been selected by renowned music critics (Martin Bookspan, Schuyler G. Chapin, Franco Ferrara, Irving Kolodin, William Mann, R. Gallois Montbrun, Marcel Prawy, Andre Previn, William Schuman and H. H. Stuckenschmidt).

A subscription series issued as 50 individual two-record sets, the entire library was first announced on the 100th anniversary of Thomas Edison's invention of the phonograph. Each LP was pressed with a special vinyl formulation that enabled a clear, quiet playing surface on a more rigid (heavy weighted) LP disc. Every record was pressed and processed in an atmosphere controlled "clean room." using pure vi "ruby red colored" vinyl.

Record 001. Tchaikovsky, Bizet

Record 002. Dvorak

Record 003. Beethoven, Mendelssohn

Record 004. Mozart

Record 005. Shostakovich, Ravel

Record 006. Bernstein

Record 007. Beethoven

Record 008. Beethoven

Record 009. Rimsky-Korsakov

Record 010. Ravel, Chabrier, Tchaikovsky, Sibelius

Record 011. Schumann

Record 012. Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninov

Record 013. 014. Verdi

Record 015. R. Strauss

Record 016. R. Strauss

Record 017. Liszt, Franck

Record 018, Ravel, Dohnanyi

Record 019. Ives

Record 020. Gershwin

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