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VA - Mississippi Blues: Rare Cuts 1926-41 (Box Set, Remastered 2007) [FLAC][Mp3][VariousHost]

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Artist: VA
Title: Mississippi Blues: Rare Cuts 1926-41
Year Of Release: 2007
Label: Jsp Records
Genre: Blues
Quality: FLAC (image+.cue,log,scans)
Total Size: 603 MB

The majority of the music on these discs was made as much as eighty years ago. Some tolerance should be exercised when hearing what are somes the only copies of records close to mythical status. An example is Son House's 'Mississippi County Farm Blues', recorded in May 1930. This and 'Clarksdale Moan' were known to have been released but only recently has a copy -luckily in reasonable condition - been found. These titles, along with an unmastered version of 'Walkin' Blues' made an eloquent connection between House and Robert Johnson, are among the building blocks of blues. When Mississippi blues is mentioned, it's usually associated with the Delta, with its supposed prevalence of slide or bottleneck guitar. In reality, this was but one of many Mississippi styles. At least as prevalent was the rhythm-based approach favored by musicians from the eastern hill country. These men infiltrated the Delta - gifted individuals like Richard 'Hacksaw' Harney, heard behind Walter Rhodes and Mississippi John Hurt. Most of these musicians were undocumented itinerants, whose arrival in front of a microphone was often a matter of chance. Some of the earliest to get their chance included Freddie Spruell and Sam Butler. Spruell grew up in Chicago, but even so, he's regarded as a Mississippi bluesman not least for his recording of 'Low-Down Mississippi Bottom Man'. Sam Butler - also known as Bo Weavil Jackson - may have been from Alabama but he too is an honorary Mississippian. He cut sessions for Paramount and Vocalion within a month of each other in 1926 and disappeared. Some musicians made their way to Jackson, MS, to seek H.C. Speirs, who recorded them on his basic equipment, sent dubs to northern record companies and for the chosen, arranged their travel to sessions. Fame has little to do with quality. While Son House was a towering talent, there were other artists, no less talented, to whom fate was less kind. Their careers were brief but their work is just as vital.


Disc: 1
1. Cottonfield Blues Part 1 - Garfield Akers
2. Bedside Blues - Jim Thompkins
3. Mississippi Bottom Blues - Kid Bailey
4. Poor Boy Blues - Sam Butler
5. I'm Leavin' Town - William Harris
6. Hittin' The Bottle Stomp - Mississippi Jook Band
7. Last Kind Words Blues - Geeshie Wiley
8. Third Street Woman Blues - Blind Willie Reynolds
9. Muddy Water Blues - Freddie Spruell
10. Fare Thee Well Blues - Joe Calicott
11. That Won't Do - Arthur Petties
12. Four O'Clock Flower Blues - Willie '61' Blackwell
13. Evil Devil Woman Blues - Joe McCoy
14. The Jail House Blues - Sam Collins
15. Black Spider Blues - Robert Lockwood
16. Traveling Riverside Blues Take 1 - Robert Johnson
17. Baltimore Blues - Charlie McCoy
18. Down The Big Road Blues - Mattie Delaney
19. You Scolded Me And Drove Me - Mississippi Bracey
20. Milk Cow Blues - Freddie Spruell
21. Ten Pound Hammer - Mose Andrews
22. Noiseless Motor Blues - Willie '61' Blackwell
23. Jailhouse Fire Blues - Walter 'Buddy Boy' Hawkins
24. 4A Highway - Freddie Spruell
25. s Has Done Got Hard - King Solomon Hill

Disc: 2
1. Mississippi County Farm Blues - Son House
2. When The Levee Breaks - Joe McCoy
3. Ninety Nine Blues - Blind Joe Reynolds
4. Snake Doctor Blues - Jelly Jaw Short
5. Little Girl In Rome - Otto Virgial
6. It's Cold In China Blues - Mississippi Moaner
7. Bald Eagle Blues - Willie '61' Blackwell
8. Boodle-De-Bum Blues - Bogus Ben Covington
9. Bull Frog Blues - William Harris
10. Dangerous Woman - Mississippi Jook Band
11. Shaggy Dog Blues - Buddy Boy Hawkins
12. Devil In The Lion's Den - Sam Collins
13. Quarrellin' Mama Blues - Arthur Petties
14. Devil And My Brown Blues - Sam Butler
15. Take A Little Walk With Me - Robert Lockwood
16. Last Blues - Charlie McCoy
17. Dough Roller Blues - Garfield Akers
18. The Crowing Rooster - Walter Rhodes
19. Motherless Child Blues - Geeshie Wiley
20. Married Woman Blues - George Torey
21. She's Young And Wild - Willie '61' Blackwell
22. Cherry Ball - Mississippi Bracey
23. Bad Notion Blues - Otto Virgial
24. Don't Cry Baby - Freddy Spruell
25. Rowdy Blues - Kid Bailey

Disc: 3
1. My Buddy Blind Papa Lemon - King Solomon Hill
2. Snatch It Back Blues - Walter 'Buddy Boy' Hawkins
3. Machine Gun Blues - Willie '61' Blackwell
4. Revenue Man Blues - Arthur Petties
5. Mr Freddie's Kokomo Blues - Freddie Spruell
6. Over To My House - Geeshie Wiley
7. Barefoot Blues - Jelly Jaw Short
8. Jumpin' And Shoutin' Blues - Garfield Akers
9. Look Who's Coming Down The Road - Georgia Pine Boy
10. Traveling Mama Blues - Joe Calicott
11. Leavin' Here Blues - William Harris
12. Got The Blues About Rome - Otto Virgial
13. Young Heifer Blues - Mose Andrews
14. Skippy Whippy - Mississippi Jook Band
15. Yellow Dog Blues - Sam Collins
16. You Can't Keep No Brown - Sam Butler
17. Tallahatchie River Blues - Mattie Delaney
18. Stered Gal - Mississippi Bracey
19. Motherless And Fatherless Blues - Mississippi Mudder
20. Don't Misuse Me, Baby - Willie '61' Blackwell
21. I'm Gonna Train My Baby - Robert Lockwood
22. Out On Santa Fe Blues - Arthur Petties
23. It's Hard s - Joe Stone
24. Your Good Man Is Gone - Freddie Spruell
25. Cold Woman Blues - Blind Joe Reynolds

Disc: 4
1. Clarksdale Moan - Son House
2. Adam And Eve In The Garden - Bogus Ben Covington
3. Lonesome Man Blues - George Torey
4. Leaving Home Blues - Walter Rhodes
5. Loving Lady Blues - Sam Collins
6. Early Mornin' Blues - William Harris
7. Number Three Blues - Walter 'Buddy Boy' Hawkins
8. Tell Me Baby - King Solomon Hill
9. Little Boy Blue - Robert Lockwood
10. Cottonfield Blues Part 2 - Garfield Akers
11. Chalk My Toy - Willie '61' Blackwell
12. Barbecue Bust - Mississippi Jook Band
13. Two Blues - Arthur Petties
14. Back Door Blues - Joe Stone
15. Way Back Down Home - Freddie Spruell
16. Skinny Leg Blues - Geeshie Wiley
17. Meat Cutter Blues - Joe McCoy
18. Mississippi Moan - Mississippi Moaner
19. Married Man Blues - Blind Willie Reynolds
20. Jefferson County Blues - Sam Butler
21. Rampaw Street Blues - Willie '61' Blackwell
22. I'll Overcome Someday - Mississippi Bracey
23. Good Boy Blues - Arthur Petties
24. Grand Daddy Blues - Jelly Jaw Short
25. Let's Go Riding - Freddie Spruell

VA - Mississippi Blues: Rare Cuts 1926-41 (Box Set, Remastered 2007)

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