VA - Groove Note True Audiophile: The Best Of Groove Note, (Volumes 1-3) (2006-2010) (SACD) [FLAC][Mp3][VariousHost]

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31 Dic 2018

SACD ISO | DSD64 2.0 (& DST64 5.1) > 1-bit/2.8224 MHz | Genre: Smooth Jazz, Blues, Pop | Label: Groove Note | 8.4 GB

(SACD-HYBRID) Groove Note releases its first audiophile 'Best Of' collection. The album highlights include: The intimate, delicate, sweet and tender voice of Jacintha; Roy Gaines, the greatest living blues guitarist that you probably don't know anything about - a sizzling blues guitarist with one of the most magnificent blues voices around; Eden Atwood, who has a voice that is many things - seductive, plaintive, sensitive, gifted with perfect intonation and phrasing; currently touring as the guitarist for Diana Krall, Anthony Wilson is one of the most brilliant musicians working in the US jazz scene today; Bill Cunliffe is a leading West Coast jazz pianist with several albums to his credit; with a sensual and seductive voice right out of the '40s or '50s, Luqman Hamza (pronounced Luke-mahn Hahm-za) is a real discovery; and rounding out this already impressive list, tenor saxophonist extraordinaire Bennie Wallace!
This collection features 14 total tracks! 7 are presented in Stereo SACD Sound and 7 are presented in both Stereo & Multi-Channel SACD Sound! The Hybrid SACD disc allows the disc to play back on all standard CD players.
01. Jacintha - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams*
02. Roy Gaines - Stormy Monday
03. Eden Atwood - Meditation*
04. Anthony Wilson - She's So Heavy
05. Jacintha - Light My Fire*
06. Eden Atwood - Deep Purple*
07. Bill Cunliffe - Imagine
08. Bennie Wallace - April In Paris
09. Jacintha - O Ganso*
10. Jacintha - Something Cool*
11. Anthony Wilson - Fleur D'Ennui
12. Eden Atwood - Blame It On My Youth*
13. Luqman Hamza - Just One Of Those Things
14. Jacintha - Danny Boy
Tracks marked with * - presented in Multichannel sound.
Uncompressed SACD ISO size > 2,86 GB
01. Anthony Wilson - Chitlins Con Carne
02. Jacintha - In The Wee Small Hours
03. Roy Gaines - I Got A Break Baby
04. Eden Atwood - O Pato*
05. Lauren White - Blue Bayou
06. Bennie Wallace - I'll Never Smile Again
07. Jacintha - One Days Like These
08. Luqman Hamza - Feeling Good
09. Anthony Wilson - Looking Back
10. Jay McShann - Lonely Boy Blues
11. Jacintha - The Thrill Is Gone*
12. Lauren White - Mack The Knife
13. Anthony Wilson - Make It Good
14. Jacintha - Here's To Life
Tracks marked with * - presented in Multichannel sound.
** Releaser note:
When you open the ISO file in foobar2000, it shows the multichannel tracks are 1 & 2, but it's incorrect.
The multichannel tracks are 4 & 11 (the booklet insert is correct).
01. The Anthony Wilson Trio - Hawkeyes
02. Roy Gaines - That Ole Feelin'
03. Luqman Hamza - Never Let Me Go
04. Jacintha - Summertime
05. The Jung Trio - Dvorak Piano Trio in F Minor, Allegro grazio
06. Jacintha - I'll Never Smile Again
07. Lauren White - Do You Remember
08. The Anthony Wilson Trio - Theme From Chinatown
09. Skye - Dream A Little Dream
10. Jacintha - So Danco Samba
11. Luqman Hamza - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes


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