VA - Fabric Presents Amelie Lens (2019) FLAC [FLAC][Mp3][VariousHost]

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31 Dic 2018

FLAC (tracks+.cue) | Techno | 01:14:07 | 470 Mb​

Product Description Amidst her jam-packed touring schedule lens runs the hugely popular exhale party series and her own record label, lenske. She also makes time to interact with her hundreds of thousands of die-hard fans who shower her with love at gigs and on social media. For her fabric presents mix lens has pulled together 74 minutes of unreleased and all exclusive music from some of her favourite acts, many of whom are break-through techno artists. While lens is known for her full throttle DJ sets, the mix is a more nuanced affair. Opening with atmospheric snippets, it moves on to bangers and hi-energy synths. There are a few more pummeling contributions before the mix is brought to a spectral, deeply satisfying close.
01. SLV & Z.I.P.P.O - Theory Of Relativity
02. Pär Grindvik - Isle of Real (Colombia M.I.L.Y 2019)
03. Michael Klein - Boiling
04. Flug - ADSR
05. Nur Jaber - Rave With Me
06. Setaoc Mass - Thin Blue Line
07. MSKD - Savage Earth
08. Amelie Lens - Solitude Tool
09. Anetha - Nikita
10. Irregular Synth - Mutation
11. Milo Spykers - Look Ahead
12. AIROD - Liquor
13. Blicz & Geerson - Eleven Roses
14. Ahl Iver - Cry For Redemption
15. Lukas Firtzer - Praise The Night
16. Farrago - Ensnare
17. Glaskin - Reaktor Rave
18. Regal & Alignment - Astro
19. Hadone - Courtship Unleashed


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