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31 Dic 2018

2019 | FLAC (tracks) | House | Label: Eglo - EGLO 74 | 02:29:44 | 956 MB​

1. Steve Spacek - Follow Me (03:32)
2. The Abstract Eye - Grandfather Fire (05:13)
3. Dego & Kaidi - Black Is Key (07:21)
4. Floating Points - King Bromeliad (08:52)
5. Fatima - Somebody Else (03:40)
6. Steve Spacek - If U Wan 2 Find Me (05:07)
7. Henry Wu - Deep In The Mudd (feat Hardhouse Banton) (04:31)
8. Byron The Aquarius - Song For A Friend (feat Cropper) (04:23)
9. K15 - Sunbeams (03:34)
10. Kirkis - Vovo (02:00)
11. Fatima - Technology (02:45)
12. Dirg Gerner - What A Life (04:11)
13. Dego & Kaidi - Acting Up On That Shit Don't Count (06:10)
14. Funkineven & Fatima - Phoneline (04:34)
15. WU15 - Love's Gambit (feat K15) (04:37)
16. Patrick Gibin - Cloud Nine (feat MdCL & Javonntte) (07:18)
17. Sauce81 - Dance Tonight (extended Disco mix) (07:12)
18. Steve Spacek - Garage Days (06:33)
19. Destiny71z - Foodprogramvoltage (04:13)
20. Fatima - And Yet It's All Love (03:41)
21. Floating Points - Sparkling Controversy (07:53)
22. Steve Spacek - Boo Boo Step (04:23)
23. WU15 - The Anthem (05:04)
24. Natalie Slade - Humidity (04:18)
25. Dirg Gerner - The Art Of Letting Go (04:02)
26. The Abstract Eye - The Abstract Eye (feat Steve Spacek) (06:44)
27. Destiny71z - Marmot Black (04:13)
28. Steve Spacek - Follow Me (Skeptical remix) (03:49)
29. K15 - Devotion (07:29)
30. Floating Points - ARP2 (02:22)
Now celebrating a decade in the game, the musical DNA of Eglo Records can be felt in much of todays underground music scene. From House to Jazz, Techno to Garage, Broken Beat to RnB, the soul filled spirt of the label and its artists continues to push forward the lineage of left of centre underground music, whilst paying respect to its architects.
Volume 2 of the Eglo Records compilation series, features 30 key tracks looking back at the last 5 years of releases, alongside new exclusives and previously unreleased material.
Through the careful curation of label boss Alex Nut the label has helped introduce the world to the talents of Floating Points, Funkineven, Fatima, and Henry Wu to note just a few... as well as release new and inspired works from some of its biggest influences, including Dego, Kaidi Tatham, Steve Spacek, Gifted&Blessed and SA-RA Creative Partners Shafiq Husayn. Amongst firm favourites from the Eglo back-catalogue the compilation also introduces new signings Natalie Slade and Destiny71z and features new material from Floating Points, K15 and Dirg Gerner, the latter being his first over 6 years.
The ethos of the label and its club nights has always been deeply rooted in the spirit of the legendary Plastic People. The East London basement where the labels founders first met. The eclectic tastes and variety of influences experienced at those sessions can be found right here on this compilation.
Daring to dig a little deeper and do for self Eglo Records is a label built on love, passion and devotion. These records are the product of a history and community, established through genuine connections that link at the intersection of a network of record stores, recording studios, club nights and radio shows.
Selected material from the compilation can be found on a series of limited edition 12" vinyl EP's, housed in a special "10 Year Of Eglo Records" sleeve designed by Caterina Bianchini.


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