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VA - Clarinet Concertos (2018), mp3 [Mp3][VariousHost]

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31 Dic 2018
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The history of the Clarinet concertos goes back to the middle of the 18th century, when the instrument got its prominent solo place in the orchestra. The present-day form of the clarinet is derived from the chalumeau, a folk instrument played by shepherds. Technical improvements by Denner, Boehm and Klos? gave it its modern form. Ever since its multi faced timbre, from soothingly murmuring to nervously chattering, has won a large popularity and has inspired many composers to write extensively for it.This 14-disc set encompasses the full spectrum of concertante clarinet writing: an extensive collection of Clarinet Concertos, from the very first concertos by Molter, the most famous one by Mozart, Hoffmeister, Baermann, Stamitz, Krommer, Crusell, Mercadante, Rietz, Rossini, Bruch, Weber, Stanford, and well into the 20th century with Hindh, Busoni, Finzi, Copland and Tansman.Played by world renowned clarinetist like Dieter Kl?cker, Sharon Kam, K?lm?n Berkes, Davide Bandieri, Maria du Toit and Giovanni Punzi.Another treasure trove in the successful series of Brilliant Classics instrument Boxes! Previous boxes featured the oboe, trumpet, flute and horn.

Baermann, Heinrich

Concertino in C minor for clarinet and orchestra, op.29

Concertino in E flat major for clarinet and orchestra

Concertstuck in G minor for clarinet and orchestra

Sonata in D for clarinet and orchestra

Bruch, Max

Concerto in E minor for clarinet, viola and orchestra, op.88

Busoni, Ferruccio

Concertino for Clarinet and Small Orchestra, op.48

Copland, Aaron

Clarinet Concerto

Crusell, Bernhard

Clarinet Concerto no.1 in E flat major, op.1

Clarinet Concerto no.2 in F minor, op.5 (Grand Concerto)

Clarinet Concerto no.3 in B flat major, op.11

Finzi, Gerald

Clarinet Concerto, op.31

Hindh, Paul

Clarinet Concerto

Hoffmeister, Franz Anton

Clarinet Concerto

Sinfonia concertante

Krommer, Franz

Clarinet Concerto in E flat major, op.36

Concerto for 2 Clarinets in E flat major, op.35

Concerto for 2 Clarinets in E flat major, op.91

Mendelssohn, Felix

Concert Piece in D minor for clarinet and basset horn, op.114

Concert Piece in F minor for clarinet and basset horn, op.113

Mercadante, Saverio

Clarinet Concerto in B flat major, op.101

Clarinet Concerto in E flat major, op.76

Concertino for Clarinet & Orchestra in C minor

Sinfonia Concertante for flute, clarinet, horn and orchestra

Sinfonia Concertante no.1 for flute, 2 clarinets, horn and orchestra

Molter, Johann Melchoir

Clarinet Concerto no.1 in A major

Clarinet Concerto no.2 in A major

Clarinet Concerto no.3 in G major

Clarinet Concerto no.4 in D major

Clarinet Concerto no.5 in D major

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

Clarinet Concerto in A major, K622

Nielsen, Carl

Clarinet Concerto, op.57 FS129

Rietz, Julius

Clarinet Concerto in G minor, op.29

Rossini, Gioacchino

Introduction, Theme and Variations in B flat major for clarinet and orchestra

Spohr, Louis

Clarinet Concerto no.1 in C minor, op.26

Clarinet Concerto no.2 in E flat major, op.57

Clarinet Concerto no.3 in F minor, WoO19

Clarinet Concerto no.4 in E minor, WoO20

Stamitz, Carl

Clarinet Concerto no.1 in F major

Concerto for 2 Clarinets in B flat major

Concerto for clarinet and bassoon in B flat major

Stanford, Charles Villiers

Clarinet Concerto in A minor, op.80

Tansman, Alexandre

Clarinet Concerto

Weber, Carl Maria von

Clarinet Concertino in E flat major, op.26 J109

Clarinet Concerto no.1 in F minor, op.73 J114

Clarinet Concerto no.2 in E flat major, op.74 J118

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