VA - Bar 25 Music presents: Sounds of Sirin Vol.4 (2019) FLAC [FLAC][Mp3][VariousHost]

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31 Dic 2018

2019 | FLAC (tracks) | Downtempo, House | Label: Bar 25 Music - BAR25109 | 01:22:54 | 531 MB​

1. Geju & Rapossa - Out Tal (06:40)
2. Kermesse - Krasnapolyana (05:03)
3. Zuma Dionys - Sedative (08:05)
4. Desogo - Landmark on the Sun (08:02)
5. Wisqo - Amun (07:08)
6. Holed Coin - Armenian Poetry (07:33)
7. Lee Jones - Understanding (06:35)
8. Dubelu & Samaha - Sleeping Under Fire (07:29)
9. Mass Digital - The Gathering (07:20)
10. She Knows, Max van Dusen & Cid Travaglia - Non Sense (06:33)
11. Marco Tegui - Sabor Amargo (06:33)
12. Yong Jai Kim - Antiguo Sol (05:53)
For the 4th edition of our ̈Sounds of Sirin ̈ compilation series, we bring you 12 gems from great artists like Desogo, Samaha & Dübelu, Geju & Rapossa, Holed Coin, Kermesse, Lee Jones, Marco Tegui, Mass Digital, She Knows, Wisqo, Yong Jai Kim and Zuma Dionys. Sirin, a bird of paradise, half woman half bird, is erotic and magical. With her hypnotic singing she likens a siren of mythical sagas of times long past and takes us on a magical journey through a rhythmical, dreamy soundscape. In downtempo, the compilation flows along unknown paths to hidden places full of fantastical adventures and cultural diversity with melodic sounds that enchant as if they were from the fairy tales of 'The Thousand and One Nights'. High above, the bird of paradise flies, directing the way through the dark of the night, the stars shining mysteriously like diamonds. Join the caravan and experience an adventure full of wonderful moments.

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