There is a saying,


18 Jul 2019
can suspend or terminate the seller account straight away and in order to pay the refund it may hold the payments also irrespective of the size and popularity of the seller.

There is a saying, to be the best but be prepared for the worst It s advisable to be prepare for facing odds in business Cigarettes Online USA. You may face complains from the customers not because of your faults but for some unpredictable circumferences as well Cigarettes Online Free Shipping. In any case, you can reduce and keep your ODR below 1% with a little effort and using the valuable tools offered by Amazon itself. Amazon Dashboard and FBA are such tools. With these you can reduce your ODR and continue selling in Amazon.

Each Amazon seller has his own personnel Amazon Dashboard to review his performance at any time. Just clicking on Performance Over Time, sellers can monitor their performance over 12 months, both in percentage and in value. Amazon also used to monitor sellers performance exactly in this way. Thus using the dashboard, you will know how your account will be treated by Amazon and hence you can also monitor, control and take preventive action to keep your account safe.

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