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25 Nov 2010

Today we present something quite different but definitely a true Monster. Always among the Overall Top 10 and beating WRC, Touring Cars and other 500+Hp Monsters on Leadfoot Festival and originally built for the "Race to the Sky" Dirt HillClimb in New Zealand, this is Ian Ffitch´s 2002 BRM 1000 Superquad LT500R/GSXR1000.

So let´s explain what the name of this completely bonkers Quad stands for. It is originally an early 90’s Suzuki LT500R 2 stroke quad, until it see its engine swapped in 2002 for a GSX-R1000 power unit. Original frame was extensively modified to accomodate the larger engine and only around 20% of the frame is original. In fact only around 10% of the whole original build is left by now. It is a product of true inventiveness, and pretty much a fully custom-built Monster at this moment.

Engine´s putting out around 140 Rear Wheel H, and was sorted by Auckland’s BRM Dyno tune while the rest was built by 2 Way Industries’ owner Jason Way in Auckland. Suspension is custom-built by PEP suspension, in order to handle the extra weight and power. Curious (and quite terrifying...) stat is that the BRM1000 has a Top Speed of more than 230Km/h...

Apart from all the Technical "mumbo-jumbo", it is Mr. Ffitch´s driving style that stands out, all exacerbated even further by the quite dramatic Aero Package, featuring a movable Front Wing, built to enhace braking capabilities while at the same time not introducing too much drag on the straights. All in all, it is one of those machines that really needs to be seen to have some idea of the madness behind it....