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The reaction rate can be considered Namhong door fast enough, the next day late stronghold occupied it launched a massive counterattack. Namhong door two-pronged, first, that Wei is responsible for leading the offensive in North freemason stronghold, another way, by Zhou Ting is responsible for directing, wherever he goes to attack the White House, a two-pronged, menacing. Namhong door to attack aggressively heard the news, wow gold is not urgent anti-laugh sounded relaxed, following senior cadres who have neither mind, please make any wind initiative said: "East Brother, since the fight over Namhong door !, and we do not have to hang on, I am willing to take part of the brothers out against "Wow gold pondering for a moment and said:"! out against the can, but we want to hit the other side blink of an eye and then played "any wind puzzled doubt Road : "East Brother, this is why?" Wow gold smiled and said: "Namhong door to come play with us, have to pass by the White House wherever he goes, so go to the White House who spend at him, then you are in battle, to wait at Plaza,Nike Free 3.0 Womens, more with less! "" Oh! "do not care any winds have no one else to help, listening wow gold, he nodded his head, no more talking. Bo said: "East Brother, Namhong door is divided into two sides attack, a wave hit us, play a wave white house, white purple can not possibly stand up ah!" He remarks just finished from the outside came a North freemason brother, seen after the ceremony, said: "! East Columbia, white purple coming" Wow gold hit a finger ring, laughing: "!! Really Speak of the devil so that he recently went to the bar." "Yes!" North freemason brother promised soon, quickly ran out. Not long, white purple anxious hurried away from the outside lately, to the office look, Okay, already full of people around, and no small role, is the North East will be cultural freemason senior cadres. He did not mi