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In the early morning, the Q


21 Ene 2019
In the early morning, the Qinglan fairy sprinkled thousands of silver plaques from his hands, and covered the earth with a faint sigh of sorrow. The sacredness passed through the scorpion, and the thin slabs were laid out on the bed. The unknown birds outside the window screamed with a clear sound. I slowly opened my eyes, and in the faint morning light and the snoring snoring, my heart slowly immersed in the bright day, and the new day opened again. The people who rushed to the bus began a busy day. On the way, the flowers are fragrant and spleen, so I am so drunk, the leaves are bright and dazzling, and the pieces are swaying in spring Wholesale Cigarettes, breathing the fragrance of flowers and plants, and feeling the freshness of the air. I hope and expect to emerge from the heart of the spring like a coffee foam. My heart is filled with a happy mood. No matter when and where, no matter what kind of dark environment Marlboro Lights, don��t give up the rope of hope, don��t lose it Newport 100S. The seed that is expected, don't bury the happy germ, what is terrible on the road of thorns and hardships? Once so painful, so pessimistic, so melancholy, is it because there is no hope and expectation? Isn't it because there is no signal that believes in victory? Don't be afraid of the disdain and contempt of others, straighten your spine and stand tall. Although the dress is beautiful, although it looks ordinary, I still remain unyielding towards the dreamn't give up the red glow in your dreams. At this moment, gently taste good, gently taste the happiness, follow the wind, with the light in the corner of the city, sitting in the white pavilion, taste A cup of milk tea, watching the shallow earthy foam gradually melted away; on the stone rock of the wisteria flower gallery in the community Marlboro Red, taste a cup of tea, watching the chrysanthemum slowly grow up, leisurely, and sinking. The smoke is tumbling, the years are tilling, the silence is depressed, the cloud is innocent, the end is clear, forgetting to let the mood shine, shielding the brilliance of life, the greenness of life. Bacon said: If a person is keen and careful to observe, he will certainly see luck. Because she is blind, it is not invisible. Yes, in fact, luck has already given me so much. Why am I still not satisfied? Family, children, profession, ideals...not just a touch of light, but so much light, melting on me, warm, warm, surrounded by happiness, ideally blended, a little bit sweet spread. Walking on the border of poverty and wealth, walking on the border of turmoil and tranquility, walking on the border of Jinghua Shuiyue and the intersection of street corners, the tide of thoughts is full of days, the intersection of thoughts, the heart of gratitude, the heart of private morality, then possess More and more, I believe. The grass grows long, the grass grows like a weaving, the catkins fly, in the fragrance of the flowers, in the spring rain of the apricot flower, always go, to the light, beautiful, good
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