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  1. Love is the eternal topic and always mentioned in the life, life always accompanies love In each stage there are different emotions, love backgrounds will help you express the emotions that one honestly. Love is a very strange emotion, it can help people to overcome the sadness and difficulties in life. Love is the tune of two souls, is the trust and close-knit. Often spice up their love images love that both of you love to co-found the tune in your mind two. With just one image but has so many feelings and message of love for the person we love. You're in love, and filled with happiness love then express your love then, to nurture it increasingly more emotionally strong. Let the Hd love wallpaper below shows messages to help you love your other half sent to yourselves. Hopefully with beautiful wallpaper and romantic love will help you instead of words to say.

    On the evening of 12/17/2015 (now Vietnam), section 7 of the blockbuster Star Wars called Star Wars: The Force Awaken was officially opened worldwide and created huge craze in the hearts of fans grave and theaters around the world in less than a week the launch.

    During the past 35 years, the Star Wars films wowed fans around the world through the flag bearers of heroism. The film featured limitless possibilities of an person who has attracted imagination of hundreds of thousands of fans and the attraction that continues to spread until now. Conflict between evil or good to play with the human race in the midst choice - go with the tremendous development of technology, there is the theme never gets old, and is forecast to continue to storm with the next generation.

    The Force Awakens is set and promote essence of what the first Trilogy of Star Wars Series. When see section 7, you willmeet the motif somewhere in section 4, section 5 and section 6 are reached classics. Since the laser gun battle screen throughout the film, the game's two factions spacecraft as part 4, detailing the father and son met with a harsh truth in Section 5. Or even match for light super classic light appears at the end of such films has to do with section 6 ... an "eat" motifs excellently directed by JJ Abram made the film without feeling bored.

    If you love this series, you quickly select a Star Wars wallpaper to set your computer to add special and unique.

    In art and culture, is a very beautiful animal and charismatic tiger is also the secret should be described in direction ofbecoming close to people, besides being an indispensable object in the zoo and actor also attracts many spectators on the silver screen or the theater circus. Tigers are also the object and the subject of sculpture, ceramic art in ancient Vietnam and especially in folk paintings. According to Asian folklore notions, especially Vietnam and China, the tiger is majestic image, impressive, tiger symbolizes strength and folk also deify tiger, tiger sacred mission have ability to eradicate the evil. Tiger-shaped town, the demons kept the door could not penetrate. So iconic tiger has become popular in the literary life, folk art, particularly painting tiger was painted and carved into a statue to worship at the temple, temples, electric ... Tiger is attractive art objects shown on the daily life objects, buildings, places of worship ...

    In art, the tiger, symbolizes strength, which is used for military training industry, the decorative coat martial, martial important shrines, in feudalism, when the dragon was used as a symbol reserved for kings, the tiger is considered the symbol of mandarins (the martial arts).

    Demonstrate strong personality, power and its class 1 by a tiger wallpaper for your computer cuae come.
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