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During the winter vacatio


21 Ene 2019
During the winter vacation, we went to Shennongshan for skiing. We first got the ski boots. After putting on the ski boots, the feet were as heavy as the sandbags. The hard ski boots tied the feet and calves together. It was difficult to move and it was equally difficult to bend. It was like wearing Iron Man Newport 100S. The boots are not able to walk normally. Walking is like a mechanical movement like a robot, which makes us very unaccustomed. Then we got the ski poles and skis again. It really has a feeling of skiing. We got into the snow field. The ski resort is a large ramp covered with snow. On the right side, there is also a person responsible for putting people on the right side. Ship to the top conveyor belt. There are quite a lot of people on the snow field. It is divided into three parts. The slopes, slopes, and slopes. The number of people descends from the bottom to the top. I quickly learned to ski. Because I am still somewhat unskilled, I first sit and transfer to the slope. At the waist, although the slope is not as steep as the top of the mountain, it is not very flat. It is easy to slide down with a little sway. It��s hard for me to stabilize my life and stand on my feet so that I don��t slide down automatically. Standing still, I used a stick to support me. I slipped down. As I said, the center of gravity moved forward, and the two feet were separated to avoid the overlap of the two-legged skis Carton Of Cigarettes. I slipped smoothly and after a few exercises I was already skilled Cheap Cigarettes. The ground slides down from the slope, and I plan to try to slide down from the top of the slope. I stood on the conveyor belt and waited to reach the top of the slope. The top of the slope was steeper than I thought. One of the snowy roads was steep and abnormal. It was like a sudden appearance. I couldn't help but suck a cold air to reach the top of the slope. I wore a snowboard. The people around them slid down one by one, and the people behind them followed. As I moved forward, I slipped down. There were many people sliding down and slid down and rolled down sideways. After that steep The road section, the speed is getting faster and faster, like the speed increase, the wind whistling through the ear, pouring into my eyes, "The tears will overflow!" I am a little afraid of height, the speed is gradually increasing, the eyes become Somehow blurred, the heart starts to jump wildly Marlboro Cigarettes, I am a little panicked Newport Cigarettes Coupons, try to keep my eyes clear, carefully bend to avoid hitting other people, or let myself fall. Halfway through the speed is still terrifying, I am afraid that I will not be able to stop and hit the barbed wire that has a long foot but with a slight slowdown, I still try to hold back the panic and calm down. The speed gradually slowed down, and I finally finished the entire ramp perfectly, and stopped at about 100 meters from the barbed wire. I have to say that this is really a thrilling memory, which makes people feel scared but smug, I will will not forget

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