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A hard copy on the desk


21 Ene 2019
A hard copy on the desk: a golden leaf on the cover and the word "harvest" in the upper right corner of the leaf Marlboro Lights. Yes, this is the theme of this book. The theme of this little master, the master of this story opens the book, there are a lot of different mood stories inside, it is like a glass atrium, revealing the inner world of the little master transparently. This book is like a basket full of fruits Parliament Cigarettes. Every time it is loaded with its owner, this special book has a page written like this: "Today is the school's 1000-meter running test. I am so happy and good. I am happy that I have not been rejected by the passing line as usual. I admire myself today, admire my determination, admire my perseverance and admire my courage. I will never be stumped by the stumbling block on the runway. On the runway, I will be more heroic in the future." Hey, the little master of the book has harvested a normal run, but he has gained courage and determination and surpassed himself. He is happy and happy. Write this: "Today, I saw the tired figure of Mom and Dad. What is even more terrible is that Dad has a few deep wrinkles. My mother has a few more silver hair. My heart is good. It��s sore, sour, I feel that I��m doing too little...�� Hey, the little master of the book has harvested. The subtle changes in his parents have provoked his thoughts. He has harvested "caring for others" and gained responsibility. He left this page with sadness. But he should be gratified and happy. At least, he is not as indifferent as other children to call his parents who have the kind of parenting Marlboro Red. The joy of harvesting is fixed on the top of the page. This is written like this: "Today, I saw a while. The wind blew a dead leaf that had withered on the big tree, and felt some sadness. The opportunity to come to the world once went away. But I thought again that I could see a bigger and more delicate new green next spring. This sadness went on with it..." Hey, the owner of the book harvested again: the glory of a leaf made him feel moved, gained awareness, harvested and considered one thing from several aspects, and harvested the beginning. Whether it is the end, or the beginning of the end. This heavy joy of growth has been recorded in this book. This is another joy, and the little master is back. Hey, he also wrote the pen on this book and wrote about the joy he had gained in his youth. He started his own growth and looked forward to the next harvest to bring him more sentiment and joy. The first place in this article is its structure. The article is like a line of beads to sew several pieces of life together, the combination is not far-fetched, the content is quite extensive, involving self-transcendence, grateful parents, and life sentiment, deep step by step; second is its tightness theme. The article intercepts three different pictures, which are later attributed to "harvesting", and naturally lead to joy Newport Cigarettes Coupons. This is because the author is good at selecting materials, and on the other hand, he is also caused by his clever writing style Marlboro Gold.
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