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4 Dic 2019

Our Factory
Zhongyue Filter Co., Ltd. is a professional research-oriented company which is specialized in developing , manufacturing and selling the engineering filters.页面缓存
We have more than 20 years’ experience in the research and production of industrial filters, and have close cooperation and communication with several domestic universities and institutes in the technical area.
We provide high-quality and high stability filter equipment for you with first-class technology, high quality and stable raw materials that are imported from Germany and America.
We also have advanced equipment, scientific experiments and detection methods, professional technicians and skilled workers with rich experience.
Company Events
1998 company establishment
Zhongyue was founded,with matured technology, it entered the production of compressor filters.
2007 Brand Founding
After ten years accumulating, MANFEITE brand was officially established, marking a new stage in the development of the company.
2009 First Reform
In the first technology reform, the quality of the entire product range of the company has substantially increased and its market competitiveness has been further strengthened.
2012 Stable developing
With the development and expansion and in-depth reforms, MANFEITE invested more advanced equipment and deepened the improvement of its product technology.
2014 Becoming mature
MANFEITE Laboratories was established,further improved the technical level and R&D capabilities, and made the product quality more reliable.
2016 International development
The mature products independently developed by MANFEITE have reached the international level. Once they are launched, they are widely recognized by the market and begin to move toward international competition.
2017 Dauntlessly conquering the peak
Another decade has come, with structural adjustments, industrial upgrading, and the establishment of thousands of square meters of new factories, which has brought Manfred to a new height.
Future Win-win cooperation
Regardless of any requirements, we will always provide you with reliable solutions; MANFEITE will always be your reliable partner no matter where and when.
Product introduction
Compressed air filter is a device that removes pollutants from compressed air system and provides high quality compressed air for compressor air system. It is one of the essential filtration equipment in factories or laboratories. Air filter, oil filter and oil separation core are important parts to ensure the normal operation of the air compressor.
The filter cartridges developed by our company ,such as Oil&gas separator filter cartridges, oil filter cartridges and air filter cartridges,are applied to various brand air compressors. We are now cooperating with many famous air compressor manufacturers in China, OEM.

Our company selects ultra-fine glass fiber filter materials produced by American HV Corporation and Lydall Corporation of the United States. The mist-like oil and gas mixture in compressed air can be filtered out by more than 99.9% when passing through an air&oil separator. It is willing to provide you with low residual oil volume , low pressure difference, long life filter cores.

Process advantages:
1. Fine flow welding, spot welding process and the use of newly developed two-component adhesives ensure that the oil and gas separation filter element has high mechanical strength and can work normally at high temperatures above 120°C.
2.Using ultra-fine glass fiber filters achieve long-term, high-efficiency filtration, small apertures, concentrated pore size distribution, and better filtration. The mist-like oil-gas mixture in the compressed air can be completely filtered out when passing through the oil separation core.
3. The use of polymer combination adhesives, high strength, high temperature, corrosion, so that the oil core is more robust.

Product features:
★ Rugged, corrosion-resistant housing with high burst resistance
★ Can adapt to higher oil temperature and corrosion environment
★ High porosity and excellent permeability, low pressure drop, large flow
★ Large contamination capacity, high filtration accuracy, long replacement cycle
Quality assurance
Xinxiang Zhong Yue filter Co., Ltd. is a professional industrial filters manufacturer. With more than twenty years of production experience, strong technical force, excellent production equipment, perfect testing means and stable product quality, it has been named as the famous product, quality trustworthy enterprise, comprehensive quality management enterprise, scientific and Technological Achievement Award and other honorary titles. Our factory has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management certification. All products are strictly tested before shipment to ensure quality and reliability.54509500 factory
website:Air Compressor Filter, Replacement Filter, Air Compressor Filter Suppliers & Manufacturers & Factory - Xinxiang Zhongyue Filter Co.,Ltd
website2:กรองอากาศคอมเพรสเซอร์กรองเปลี่ยนกรองอากาศคอมเพรสเซอร์ซัพพลายเออร์หรือผู้ผลิตหรือโรงงาน - ซินเซียง Zhongyue กรอง Co. , Ltd

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